Air Source Heat Pump installation Norwich

If you are looking for ground source and air source heat pump installers in Norwich then LC Installations is the best company you can choose.

At LC Installations, we are doing our bit for a greener tomorrow and have taken the appropriate steps to become fully approved in the installation of Air source heat pumps through the NICEIC governing body.

In doing so we can complete all heat pump installations with full MCS certification, which in term mean you would be eligible for the governments RHI grant (renewable heating incentive).

When it comes to Air source heat pump installations, we never compromise on quality and only fit top quality products that are guaranteed to keep your home warm. 

Our Ground Source and Air Source Heating Process

Air Source Heat Pump Installation Requirements

For the heat pumps installation to meet MCS requirements the radiators will have to be sized correctly so they can give out enough heat. It is most likely you will have to replace them for slightly larger ones as heat pumps run at a cooler temperature than a conventional oil or gas boiler

Replacing your radiators when having any new heating system is highly recommend as modern radiators are a lot more efficient than older ones and old radiators can contain a lot of sludge and internal rust deposits. 

Insulating your property is an effective way to make sure your heating bills stay low and will keep installation costs lower. Our heat pump installers make sure to provide you quality service in affordable rates.

Solar panels are also a massive benefit to gaining the most out of one of our air source heat pumps and are highly recommended.

Is Your Home Suitable For Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pump?

Not every home is suitable to for ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps, and we will always give you honest advice before going ahead with a quotation as it may not be possible for the some of the following reasons – dated windows, lack of loft insulation, incoming power supply and no place to site the outdoor unit or internal setup. However the good news is most of these issues are rectifiable and we can offer advise on how to go about making your home more efficient and heat pump ready.

We are currently operating throughout Norwich and surrounding area’s so please do not hesitate to get in touch regarding your new Air source heat pump installation today on 07920260278.

If you would like a quotation or any more information, get in touch today.