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If your old boiler is causing you problems or maybe you are thinking to replace to new one boiler then get in touch for a free fixed quotation for the new boiler for your property.

Our boiler installers will do survey of your property to decide whether you're in need of a boiler replacement. It may include many types of boilers including Gas Boiler, Combi boiler, or whatever desirable, giving you the option to decide a heating system that fits your lifestyle.

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We can help you to find a local boiler installer in Norwich for your residential property.

You may have a property that would benefit a combination boiler that is great for homes with 1-4 occupants. These boilers are extremely popular as they produce heating and hot water without the need of any extra governs, so no need for a cylinder in the airing cupboard or tanks in the loft and you can practically fit one anywhere in your home!

LCinstallations new boiler services may help you save money on your heating bill and could improve the efficiency of your home’s central heating installation.

Other benefits include great water pressure, low maintenance, smart and compact design, and never run out of hot water as its always on demand.

For larger properties with more occupiers a heat only or system boiler may be the best option. These are a more traditional style system with a separate hot water cylinder and slightly more controls.

Depending on the type of existing heating system, ie gravity feed and expansion tank (in the loft) or sealed system ( manually filled ) would determine what boiler could be fitted. It may be beneficial to stick with a traditional heat only boiler setup or go with a system boiler that has a heating pump and sealed system kit built into it (a bit like a combination boiler but the hot water is fed via a hot water cylinder)

What we offer

We offer the best boiler installation service in Norwich so you can be assured that you’re getting quality and value for money.  We mostly recommend Viessmann boilers that offer up to a 12-year warranty including the excellent 100-W & 200-W series that have built in Wi-Fi enabled weather compensation control and colour touch screen display.

Most boilers over 10 years old are running on borrowed time due to wear and tear so it is always worth thinking about
to replace with a new boiler instead of spending loads of money on boiler repairs.

Our boiler services are currently operating throughout Norwich and surrounding areas so please do not hesitate to get in touch regarding your new boiler installation today on 07920260278.

If you would like a quotation or any more information, get in touch today.

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